The birth and life of a DAR-VIDA cracker

From concept to manufacture: teamwork

In our DAR·VIDA oven, ideas rise like loaves of bread! While we might think out loud, our experiments are silent ones. Testing, experimenting, improving - we are all involved in creating delicious new varieties of crackers.

Flour you can trust

Milled just round the corner, all our wheat and flour varieties come from Swiss flour mills. For example, our whole wheat is supplied by Knecht Mühle AG in Leibstadt.

Swiss rapeseed oil

Among our friends we have oil producers. Florin AG supplies us with healthy, high-quality rapeseed oil which we use in almost all our DAR·VIDA recipes for instance.

Only the best ingredients in our dough

DAR VIDA’s leavened dough is the fittest there is in Switzerland; after being firmly and thoroughly kneaded, it is bursting with energy as it goes into the rising stage. It can now be left to rest.

And the dough became DAR·VIDA

Once it has been rolled out and passed through our rolling mill until it resembles a thin yoga mat, our dough takes on its typical DAR·VIDA shape. This is total relaxation.

Baked to perfection

At 52 metres, our tunnel oven, just like our tradition, is remarkably long. Its design is perfect for our production process and ensures the even flavour and crunchy texture for which our crackers are famous.

Packaging designed for sale

Pleasure without sacrifice. Once cooked, our DAR·VIDA variations are stacked up before being cut into portions. Then comes the packaging that ensures they will keep for a long time.

The DAR·VIDA spirit: the snack for long journeys

Thanks to our fleet of trucks, our wonderful drivers deliver our products throughout Switzerland. Whatever the point of sale, DAR·VIDA always reaches its destination.

Journey’s end: time to tuck in!

ALMOST THERE. Our crackers are available in your local shop at last. Enjoy! They are perfect for work, school or after playing sports: DAR·VIDA – GOT TO HAVE IT.